Leihhaus Berlin Goebel im Wedding
Leihhaus Berlin Goebel Mitte Moabit
Leihhaus Berlin Goebel in Neukölln
Leihhaus Goebel 3 mal in Berlin
Rehinci Goebel Depozit Aninda
 History since 1900
 Pawn loan
 Legal info


  • KrügerrandOfficial currency
  • SilvercoinGeorg V
  • Turkish coinsOfficial currency and emergency reserve for example marriages
  • USA Liberty 1900
  • Marriage coins: KuruschAlso called Piaster...Atatürk golden coins
  • Hamburg 5 Mark Revers

We accept gold- and silvercoins
like the Krügerrand for pawn.
In some countries they use it
as a rainy day fund. Kurusch,
the turkish marriage coins often
were used to pay the bill for a
marriage. We accept this coins

To identify a fair price for you,
we are using x-ray fluorescence