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Leihhaus Goebel 3 mal in Berlin
Rehinci Goebel Depozit Aninda
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Welcome to Pawn Shop Goebel – 3 times in Berlin
For more than 100 years our slogan is: Money for pawn – Cash on the hand. Receive immediatly money for pawn in Berlin. Friendly, uncomplicated and fair. You can receive immediatly loans at our Pawn Shops in Berlin- Wedding, Moabit and Neukölln.

114 years experience in Berlin...
founded by Malvine and Max Goebel. Already at the time of the emperor there were a lot of people who needed money in the short term. In the past, as well as in the present it could happen to anyone.
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We use state of the art techniques to identify fair pawn amounts...
Not every jewelry is the same. To identify the exact value, we use x-ray fluorescence analysis. This helps us to calculate the correct pawn amount for your jewelry.
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  • Pawn Shop Goebel 3 times in BerlinNo bureaucracy, no waiting time. Sometimes it has to be fast - Immediatly Cash!
  • Gold, silver, enchased jewelryWe are using state of the art technology to idetify the real value of your pawn.
  • Electronics please bring your bill with your item.You can easy receive immediatly loans for your Jewelry, Laptops, Mobilephones or digital Camcorder.
  • Wedding, Neukölln and MitteSince more than 100 years you can visit our 3 Berlin shops. Cash on the hand for your pawn.
  • TraditionEveryone in Berlin knows where to get money fast, uncomplicated and friendly.
  • Tablets, Smartphones, SLR...Receive cash for pawn like jewelry and other valuable articles.
  • No time?Cash in Berlin – immediatly and uncomplicated.
  • Immediatly Cash!Short term shortage? No problem! We provide help fair and friendly!
  • Immediatly LoanImmediatly loan in Berlin – since more than 100 years from Pawn Shop Goebel.