Leihhaus Berlin Goebel im Wedding
Leihhaus Berlin Goebel Mitte Moabit
Leihhaus Berlin Goebel in Neukölln
Leihhaus Goebel 3 mal in Berlin
Rehinci Goebel Depozit Aninda
 History since 1900
 Pawn loan
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Pawn Shop in fourth generation – Family Goebel

Money for pawn – Cash on the hand. Since May 1900 people receive cash fair and uncomplicated from family Goebel.
Originally founded a restaurant in Konradshöhe, Max and Malvine Goebel often received payments like grandfathers golden watch or sterling cutlery instead of cash. This is how our grandfather came to the idea to open our first pawn shop at Müllerstraße in Wedding.
This pawn shop is still family owned today. During 1930 and 1969 Erwin and Luci Goebel controled the company until they handed it over to Guntram. When in 2004 Stephan Goebel took over the control oft he company, the company was family owned in fourth generation.
Today the company consists of three stores. The store at the Gotzkowskystraße opened in May 2007 and the pawn shop at Sonnenallee 66 in January 2014.