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Pawn Shop Goebel in Wedding

Pawn Shop Goebel in Wedding was founded in May 1900. Max and Malvine Gobel which have founded this store, controled the store until Erwin and Luci Goebel took over the busines in 1930. In 1969 Guntram was the successor of Luci and Erwin. Since 2004 Stephan Goebel is leading the company. The company is now family owned in fourth generation. In 2007 Stephan Goebel opened the second store in Moabit and in 2014 the third in Neukölln.

Pawn Shop Goebel Berlin Wedding

Pawn Shop Goebel at Berlin Wedding
Müllerstr. 164
13353 Berlin

030/46 50 77 61