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 History since 1900
 Pawn loan
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What is pawn?

What exactly is a pawn?
You can get a loan on everything that has a value for other people. Usually these are things like jewelry and golden coins, silver, platinum or watches. Even electronics like cameras, smartphones, video game consoles, tablets, laptops and bicycles are value articles you can get a loan for.

How much does it cost?
If your credit is between 1 and 300 the amount consists of a 1% interest rate and a graded reimbursement of costs. From the 301 on the interest rate is still 1% but the reimbursement of costs is about 2.5%.

After what time my pawn expires?
From the fifth month on, a pawn can be selled by auction.

Fluter: Pawn Shop System explained
Pawn Shop System explained
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